This Keralite Allepey Prawn Curry Is Perfect For Lazy Holidays

prawn curry recipe

This sizzling bowl of Allepey Prawn Curry is the reason we probably fall asleep at work too often. A mountain of rice and a ladleful of this curry has us jumping with joy and then subsequently needing a siesta. This prawn curry recipe is just the thing for when you plan to spend your day indoors. Which side are you on?

The Elements

1kg prawns 

100 gm coconut oil

2 gm fenugreek seeds

1 gm asafoetida

2 gm cumin seeds

2 gm mustard seeds

500 gm onion sliced

200 gm tomato sliced

10 gm turmeric powder

5 gm chilli powder

20 gm curry leaves

20 gm ginger julienne

250 gm coconut powder

50 gm amchoor powder

Salt to taste


Heat oil and temper cumin, methi, asafetida, mustard and curry leaves. Sauté the onion and tomatoes with salt.

Add turmeric and chill powder to the mix and then add coconut milk for the creamy texture and the classic South Indian flavour. Finish with a drizzle of amchoor. 

Poach prawns and add to the mix. Set aside after a few minutes. 

#EatExtra: We love our curry with rice. So make sure you make a handi full of it.

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