Which Boozy Drink You Should Try According To Your Zodiac?

alcohol according to the zodiac

Zodiac signs are a lot of fun. And while they mean nothing, many people believe that they can change their lives and decide what they do accordingly. Well if you’re so minded (and even if you’re not) we’ve got a fool proof list of alcohol according to the zodiac pairings that you never knew you needed in your life.

1. Aries – Vodka

For the highly adaptable and yet enthusiastic and driven Aries, no drink is better than Vodka. You can try and explore different possibility with it and also go very very crazy if you want. 

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2. Taurus – Beer

Taurus the bull is practical, grounded and sometimes slightly bullish. And a strong stout beer straight from the tap is the perfect thing for them. 

3. Gemini – Tequila 

Gemini are crazy. One moment they’re sitting in a corner reading the newspaper and the next, they are dancing on the bar of a restaurant in a pink tutu. And nothing signifies this experience better than tequila – the mother of all crazy drinks. 

4. Cancer – Sake

The classy Cancerian doesn’t just need alcohol, they need some refined flavours and experiences. And the beautifully smooth sake is perfect for this smooth soul. 

5. Leo – Whisky

Whisky can be an acquired taste and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But once on, it becomes the life of the party. Just like the cool Leo. They might be difficult at first, but are worth knowing for sure. 

6. Virgo – Pisco

Virgos are so hard to please that it sometimes feels like you have to go to the other end of the world just to make sure they’re happy. And Pisco is the Peruvian smooth warm alcohol that Virgos would love! 

7. Libra – Rum

Libras are no drama people who want no drama stuff in their life. They also have a dark side, which might come up with their need to help others. No nonsense and dark – rum is the only one that comes to mind. A drink of Old Monk & Coke is perfect for the Libran. 

8. Scorpio – Desi Tharra 

Scorpio are crazy, hardcore and just plain badass. And they’re strong. Really strong. Like the desi tharra that most rickshaw walas have before going to sleep. 

9. Sagittarius – Champagne 

Idealistic, classy and really generous, Sagittarius are perfectly paired with some champagne. And not the cheap one either. Please bring them some 1990 Dom Perignon. 

10. Capricorn – Scotch 

Self controlled, mature and sophisticated, it only makes sense that the alcohol for Capricorns exudes the same qualities. And some fantastic scotch in a tulip glass is just the poison for them. 

11. Aquarius – Jägermeister

Aquarius are unique people who are just trendsetters and are constantly trying new things. Jägermeister is exactly the kind of trendy drink that an Aquarius would order at a bar. 

12. Pisces – Absinthe

Pisces are imaginative dreamers, who see things others don’t. And speaking of seeing things other people can’t, Absinthe is the drink that will make sure you’ll be hallucinating green fairies in no time.

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