BIG Burgers & THICK Shakes Are Here At This New Spot In Defence Colony

Aku’s - The Brrgrr Co in Defence Colony

Defence Colony recently got a new eatery. There’s finally a burger joint that makes super meaty burgers that you’re going to fall in love with. And that’s not all, they’ve got thick house churned ice-cream shakes, fries and poutine, desserts by FLOC and a special Hot Chocolate that’ll warm the cockles of your heart. Move over Kent’s, for Aku’s – The Brrgrr Co in Defence Colony is here to stay.

In A Nutshell

Chef Akriti, or Aku as everyone calls her is trained in classical French cuisine and has worked with some of the biggest restaurants abroad—including a three Michelin star restaurant. She and her sibling decided to have a no-frills burger joint that truly believes in serving fresh, flavourful food with a menu that is just long enough with enough choices for people to pick from. She’s joined by her sister who runs a bakery called For the Love Of Cake (FLOC) and all the desserts you see here are sourced from there. In fact, they’re also running trials for bread so that they won’t have to source them from anywhere else.

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Perfect Spot

Seating at Aku's

Aku’s is better for grabbing a bite on the go than dining in. Photo Courtesy Of: Aku’s – The Brrgrr Co

The restaurant isn’t too big and has just two tables and a counter on the side with high chairs. It really is a place where you can go to grab a quick bite or get a couple of burgers to have on your way home after work or on your lunch break. We love that they have a nice and bright colour scheme that is used in their branding and decor. If you do plan to stay for a bit and you’re with more than one person, you should go for one of the tables that can seat up to 5 people. Plus, you get more space to keep and share your food.

On The Silver Platter

Burger with egg

THICK juicy burgers. Photo Courtesy Of: Saundarya Srinivasan

When they say that their burger patties and buns are fresh, they really mean it. Unlike the super processed patties at fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s you actually get to sink your teeth in all natural ingredients in these burgers. And their ice cream shakes are super thick and if they weren’t so heavy already, you would want to reach out for a second helping of it.

We wouldn’t even pause to think before we recommend The Meister Burger. It’s got a fried egg, bacon, a lamb patty, and caramelised onions. Only second to it would be the Chalapeño that has grilled chicken, peppers, jalapeños and a jalapeño spread. This chicken patty has a beautifully golden, crispy top and the meat itself retains its juiciness. so when you bite into it, you feel like you’re having a real burger and not that processed stuff that we’ve been fed for so many years. 

burgers and fries

A cheesy, greasy spread. Photo Courtesy Of: Saundarya Srinivasan

Vegetarians needn’t fret. They’ve got a few burgers for you to choose from too. Try the Beet Burger that’s incredibly popular or Master Wu that has wild mushrooms, caramelised onions and a jalapeño spread. They even have burgers that can be vegan-friendly as well! So, there really is something for everyone. No more will you have to miss the joy of sinking your teeth into a juicy burger. If you love your burgers with fries, you can try their Truffle Fries that are incredibly popular, but you must also try the Meat Poutine.

As for desserts, they have a few options from FLOC. You can get a jar of the incredibly delicious Banoffee Pie (we will forever be partial to this one!) but they also have other options like Red Velvet and Triple Chocolate Brownie.

Raise A Glass To

They have three house-churned ice-cream shakes for you to pick from. We love the Hazelnut and Chocolate but you can also try the Classic Belgian Chocolate and the Banana and Strawberry for a fruity shake. They also have a lovely Hot Chocolate that you must sip on on chilly evenings or when it’s raining outside. It warms you up instantly!  

Bitter Pill

It can be slightly tough to locate the restaurant if you’re new to Defence Colony. if you’re walking down from the Mother Dairy outlet at the very entrance, you’ll end up walking for what feels like forever, which feels even worse in the summer. However, we do understand that getting real estate in South Delhi is no cake walk. 

Food For Thought

fries with cheese

Truffle Fries at Aku’s. Photo Courtesy Of: Saundarya Srinivasan

Fresh food that you can get delivered and juicy burgers that have actual meat in them were two things that we were impressed by immediately.  So, the next time you’re aching for a juicy burger, head over to Aku’s – The Brrgrr Co in Defence Colony. They’re making them good and super fresh!

Head toShop 47, Ground Floor, Main Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi
Say hello at+91 8826669279
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