What Is The Right Amount Of Air Inside Chips Packets? You’ll Be Very Surprised

Air Inside Indian Chips Packets

The sinking feeling you got every time you opened a packet of Lay’s is a thing of the past. Air inside Indian chips packets is a constant, and that is here to stay. We are now begrudgingly accustomed to the amount of air we buy along with our wafers.

We are rating your favourite chips under INR 25, according to the amount of air they come with and we hope that this will help you choose wisely:

1. Lay’s

Air Inside Indian Chips Packets

Photo Courtesy Of: Espensorvik via Flickr

If you come to think of it, we should be thanking Lay’s for bringing the issue to the surface. The net weight for a pack worth of INR 20 is 52 grams. Which is a joke when compared to other products falling in the same range. According to an official research by Hargreaves, a single packet of Lay’s is filled upto 85% with nitrogen.

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2. Uncle Chips

Coming from the same parent company, Uncle Chips falls right under our scrutiny. It used to be the pioneer of potato chips in India and now it pioneers nitrogen filled packets of chips. The net weight for a pack of Uncle Chips sold at the same price is 72 grams. While the amount of chips you get in this pack is a tad bit more than Lays, it does have around 75% nitrogen. While it’s important to know that this nitrogen is essential in the packaging and quality control of the chips, you shouldn’t be paying for it.

3. Bingo Mad Angles

Air Inside Indian Chips Packets

Photo Courtesy Of: Bingo!

Bingo has gained popularity in the last decade and while they are a huge competitor in the market for wafers, they do sell equally humongous amount of air with their products. The net worth of a pack of Bingo Mad Angles is 70 gm, out of which 75% is air (nitrogen).

4. Haldiram’s Taka Tak

Haldiram’s Taka Tak, has come with a novel solution to the problem we all faced. A packet of Taka Tak has a net worth of 110 grams. This makes us happy, because there is only 30% extra space for air in the packets and it has a good value for money. This could be because it’s an Indian brand and does not need to be imported. We’re just shooting arrows in the dark. Whatever the reason, we love that Taka Tak’s pack has more food than air. Yayay!

5. Lehar Kurkure

Air Inside Indian Chips Packets

Photo Courtesy Of: Ardgedee via Flickr

Here comes the king of packaged chips under INR 20! I think this could have been the USP for Kurkure from the very beginning. A filling snack at the same cost. Even today, the net worth of Kurkure stands at 140 grams with only 25% air found in the packets.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

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