11 Indian Chips Every 90’s Kid Saved Their 10 Rupee Notes In The Break-Time!

90s Chips Brands In India

Every 90’s kid loved eating crispy chips during school break. The struggle of saving 10 bucks was real. After saving 10 rupees from the daily pocket money, buying one bag of chips just brightened up the day. Getting scoldings from our moms had no effect on any of us. Here is a list of 90s chips brands in India that every kid saved their precious 10 rupees for. 

1. Lays Magic Masala

blue lays

Photo Courtesy Of : Lays Magic Masala

These chips are an all time favourite snack. It is still loved by everyone and not just your usual 90’s kid since forever, because “no one can eat just one.” A 90’s kid would remember stacking two pieces together and having it like a burger. Another way to have these chips were with dahi ka dip, which we still love doing.

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2. Pringles

Pringles is an American brand of delicious potato and wheat based stackable chips owned by Kellogg’s or as the 90’s kids know it as “the only brand that never sold air”. There are a number of flavours found these days, but plain salted and sour cream and onion were always enjoyed by the 90’s kids.

3. Peppy Cheese Balls 

cheese balls

Photo Courtesy Of : ThreeIfByBike Via Flickr

Whenever we had a cheesy craving, cheese balls came to our rescue. Every 90’s birthday party was loaded with cheese balls, because we were too cool for jalapeño poppers.

4. Peppy Piknik

These chips were not just eaten at picnics (hah!) but also on those days when we didn’t want to eat spicy chips. The sweet and tangy flavour, could never stop us from munching them. And the portions inside those bags were a lot!

5. Kurkure



Photo Courtesy Of : Kurkure

These twisted bites were eaten by every 90’s kid during teatime. We bet, every 90’s kid experimented at least one dish with kurkure despite those silly plastic rumours. Like kurkure chaat, kurkure bhel, kurkure corn salad and what not! 

6. Hully Gully

These fluffy corn chips were eaten by a 90’s kid almost everyday during school time. Kids would enjoy these corn puffs to only get to the yummy-chatpata masala at the bottom.

7. Fun Flips

fun flips

Photo Courtesy Of : Wikimedia Commons

These soya and corn thick puffs were mostly available in salted and pudina flavours. The masala would be tempting, and we always salivated when we saw that. Every 90’s kids could relate to getting fat every summer vacation on these corn puffs.

8. Cheetos Masala Balls

As kids, we remember eating Cheetos and collecting all the Tazos that came inside packet. This particular flavour was the spiciest of all the flavours. But we would still stuff our mouth with it, because it was just so damn good.

9. Uncle Chips


Photo Courtesy Of : Uncle Chips

This brand launched in India. The delicious taste, their cute little advertisements and comic strips at the back of the pack, always got us excited to buy these yummy packets. These pudina flavoured potato chips can never go out of style.

10. Crax

Yes, you remember it right! It is a ring-like snack. The kids used it to put on their fingers like a ring and then ate it. If one kid started putting them on, the other kids would follow to do the same. It was like eating delicious edible accessories.

11. O’Yes

Every 90’s kid would remember stuffing their face on these puffs. They were available in only 3 flavours, and we could try two of those flavours in the 10 rupees that we saved.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of : Uncle Chips

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