9 Times The 2-Minute Maggi Comes To Your Rescue When Nobody Else Does

Maggi Spots in Delhi

If there’s one thing that has dominated our childhood and continues to stay in the kitchen cupboards is definitely Maggi. Literally, there are so many Maggi spots in Delhi. Every two minutes, a Maggi is cooked somewhere; spreading happiness and rescuing people from hunger. We know it must have saved you too like it has saved us. So today, let’s dive into the nostalgia and reminisce the times Maggi saved us when nobody else did. 

1. Party Food for Hostellers

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Photo Courtesy Of: Maggi 

Spontaneous party plans is a certified hosteller thing. It gives us the chills, the thrills and helps us escape from the perpetual monotony of studies. But the most special part about these last minute party scenes was always Maggi, possibly cooked in a kettle or eaten raw and cold.

2. A Traveller’s Best Friend

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Photo Courtesy Of: Maggi 

Maggi has undoubtedly been every traveller’s best friend. When on the hills or when camping, Maggi is the easiest thing to make. After all, all you need is hot water! So next time, look out for a tiny makeshift cafe selling these plates of warmth.

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3. During Late Night Exam Prep

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Photo Courtesy Of: Maggi 

Reminds us of the board exam preparation days. The times when we almost forget how to differentiate between day and night. When we are so engrossed and lost in studies that Maggi seemed like the only respite we could have.

4. Tiffin-wali Maggi 

Remember when we used to count our class-hours and eagerly waited for lunchtime? Those were the days when we brought Maggi in our tiffin. Even though it used to turn into a gross Maggi-cake that had to be cut into pieces, each and every bite of it made us happy and satisfied.

5. When Mom Wasn’t Home

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Photo Courtesy Of: Maggi 

This one is the most widely relatable situation of when Maggi saved us. When mom wasn’t home and we didn’t know how to cook a meal for ourselves, Maggi always came to our rescue. And well, it continues to do so.

6. When We Were Too Lazy To Cook 

Yeah, this is almost every day. Isn’t it? Be it a lazy Sunday or a tiresome weekday, Maggi continues to stand by us.

7. Staple Food for Bachelors

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Photo Courtesy Of: Maggi 

All those who have stayed away from home would relate to this.  No matter whether we moved out for work or studies, Maggi has always been our go to food. Any time of the day!

8. Eating Healthy

Thanks to social media for keeping us glued to it unnecessarily anymore often that not, we need to look good for it. Well dieting demands some munchies and what’s the easiest & quickest food you can make to fill your tummy? Maggi, of course! Just add the vegetables and you have something relatively healthy with Atta Maggi.

9. Birthday Surprise Cakes

On the days when we were outrageously broke, or simply forgot our friend’s birthdays, Maggi backed us up. Taking the concept of Maggi cakes from our school tiffins, we quickly used to make a birthday Maggi cake. With a candle on top of it, it made our dearest one’s special and saved us from guilt.

Maggi has been through our thick and thin. It has stood by us when nobody else did. It has given a sense of independence (okay, a little but still!) This makes us wonder, what would we do without you, Maggi?

Featured Image Courtesy Of: Maggi 

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