6 Fabulous Zesty Hummus Jars You Should Stash Away For When You’ve Got The Munchies

How to Make Hummus

What chutney is to us, hummus is to the Middle East. It’s the star of every meal. Made with pureed chickpeas, olive oil and tahini (which is nothing but a paste of sesame seeds), humus has ventured into India with full force and we’re absolutely lovin’ it. And so, for all you hummus hoggers out there, we’ve culled out a list of the best hummus brands in Delhi that redefine the norms of how to make hummus. 

1. Al’Fez


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This internationally acclaimed brand, Al’fez does authentic Mediterranean dips that vouch to transport you to the Middle East. This company is available only in Big Basket store online and offline. Their basic hummus is seldom enough to bowl you over. Go try it for yourselves!

Order Online  Al’Fez 

Pay 295 for one pack of hummus

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2. Wingreens


Marrying the concept of social good and environment sustainability is Wingreens. Known for their good quality hummus and salsa dips, this is a women’s initiative network that does healthy hummus in flavours like rosemary, black chickpea with jalapeno, tandoori, basil, cheesy.

Order Online Wingreens 

Say Hello at 088007 93638

Pay INR 200 per 200g of hummus

Explore Wingreens 

3. Jimmy’s Gourmet Kitchen



Jay Dhanak’s previous hummus co. is now known as Jimmy’s Gourmet Kitchen and does rather more interesting flavours. Freshly prepared with greek yogurt, chickpeas and a variety of flavours, this brand brings you a plethora of choices for healthy hummus. They whip up hummus flavours like Basil Pesto, Beuriti, Moroccan Spiced Chargrilled Carrot, Peri Peri, Olive & Lime.

Order Online Jimmy’s Gourmet 

Say Hello at 098110 78979

Pay INR 225 per 200g of hummus

Explore Jimmy’s Gourmet Kitchen 

4. Subedi

Want your dip jain style (with no onion, garlic)? Subedi has got you covered. Available at Nature’s basket, they do fresh, creamy hummus that is absolutely rich in flavour and delectable concoctions. Go cheggit.

Order Online Subedi 

Pay INR 150 per 200g of hummus

5. Devang House

Think of hand prepared hummus, and that’s where Devang House comes into the picture. This health-oriented community does spice and herb infused hummus. One bite of it, and you won’t be able to put it down before wolfing it down.

Order Online Devang House 

Say Hello at 095996 81082

Pay INR 300 per 200g hummus

Explore Devang House 

6. Erna’s Gourmet

erna's gourmet

Making European and middle-eastern recipes here in New Delhi, Erna’s Gourmet catering serves hummus at its basic best. Handmade, fresh, cream and tonnes of olive oil, this one is perfect to be devoured with your pita chips.

Order Online Erna’s Gourmet 

Pay INR 119 for 100 ml

So grab those pita bread, your favourite hummus and revel in the indulgence.

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