5 Restaurants Perfect For Your Comfort Food In This Delhi Winter

comfort food at Delhi restaurants

The Delhi winter is a season that makes us want to stay in bed all-day, wrapped in our blankets and binge watching Netflix. And if we have to go out then we eat the most comforting meals from some of our favourite restaurants and bakeries! Here’s a list of places we usually hit for a comfortable Delhi winter night.

Bisque Bakery 

Every Gurgaon-wala ought to know Bisque, for it serves the best comfort food in the city! Everything from their salad bar to sizzlers, rice meals and desserts is drool-worthy. Though they did start delivery this year, it’s only until 8 pm so you would want to get to the phone asap!

Explore more about Bisque Bakery here.

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Big Chill 

Does Big Chill even need an introduction? Our go-to place for everything comfort; their pasta, pizzas and most importantly, desserts (oh, the Irish Tiramisu!) are just mouth-watering! In case you are trying to fight off the weighing scale this winter season, opt for their delectable salads.

Explore more about Big Chill here.


An old classic which has our unconditional love; food from Wenger’s is like an imaginary hug. Our usuals include their chicken and mushroom patty, chicken baguette and butterscotch cake. The Wenger’s deli serves some ravishing waffles and meatball sandwich, which you can grab at any time of the day!

Explore more about Wenger’s here.

Cafe Delhi Heights

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Photo Courtesy Of: Cafe Delhi Heights

Laid back seating, big portions, exceptional food, good service; Cafe Delhi Heights had to be on our list. Order yourself a bowlful of pasta or thin crust pizza and you will be happy as a clam! Their mason jar mocktails are not to be missed.

Explore more about Cafe Delhi Heights here.

Di Ghent Cafe

An Italian meal followed by scrumptious waffles and a shot of espresso; Di Ghent Cafe knows how to impress. A comforting brunch with friends or dinner with family, you don’t have to think twice before hitting this cafe! (Their lighting is amazing, so you can get some surreal pictures for your #Instagram!)

Explore more about Di Ghent Cafe here.

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