5 Ingredients That Will Keep Your Insides Healthy & Cosy This Winter Season

Winter season

Winter season is coming and we need to keep ourselves warm during this time.  No seriously,  if you want your daily dose of inner heat, and boost your immunity this winter, here are our top picks for the season.


The East India Company came all the way to our country for the variety of spices and well, we know that they just couldn’t leave. Mustard, asafoetida (hing), black pepper, fenugreek, ajwain and suva (dill) seeds are all warm spices used occasionally. Seeds like mustard, ajwain and suva are valuable as remedies for winter coughs and flu, stimulating appetite and digestion and increasing blood circulation.

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Needs no introduction to any Indian household.  They’re the perfect winter food item for all the sweet tooth and acts as a ceremonial food item usually.  Jaggery is a much healthier option than sugar and adds a different flavour to your sweet dishes.  Don’t hesitate, your food need to get moves like jaggery.


It’s inherently a warm food item which is super healthy and is quite a comforting food item for the winter season.  They’re nutritious, with high fibre, iron, calcium, protein and gives energy as well. Dates can be eaten as toppings on smoothies, pulps, or even as chocolates.


winter season

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Used to enhance the flavour of meals these can be added to different types of items, and these are very warming agents.  Ginger can be added to vegetables, curries, soups, dals or can be consumed as ginger tea, ginger powder with different condiments like garlic,  ghee and jaggery. Ginger candy also keeps you away from several diseases and are great for immunity.


Almonds, cashew nuts, pistas, peanuts and walnuts, it’s a neverending list and you’ll never be tired of them.  Extremely nutritious,  high in protein and great for memory as well, we recommend a handful of almonds everyday. You can roast or toast these munchies or use them for garnishing. You can also invest some time in making almond milk.

So you know what food items you’re hoarding this winter?

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