4 Bakeries That Tart Up Your Bangin’ Bachelorette

It’s that time of the year when you scroll through your Facebook feed and see pictures of your friends getting married. Your inbox is probably flooded with wedding invitations, and your best friend just can’t stop harping about what her wedding day is going to be like.

In the middle of it all, you want to throw her a party that she’s going to remember for the rest of her life. We’ve picked out some of the best in Delhi for you to get your bachelorette party treats from.

The Hot Pink Cake Studio

Ipshita Majumdar wows you with her creations. One look at her creations, and you will fall in love with all that she does. You can go to The Hot Pink Cake Studio with your design, and they’ll bowl you over with how well they execute things. Whether it’s floral cakes and cookies with pastel colours and lady-like patterns, or slightly risque designs, they do it all.

Explore them here.

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Sugar Fancies


They make some stunning cakes for every theme. You can trust them to make the perfect cake for your bestie’s bachelorette. They’re pretty great at gilded, textured, and floral cakes, as well as cakes that need fondant work. They also make a spectacular chandelier cake, and you just might want to get that to make her day all the more special.

Explore them here.

Frosted Heaven By Aarohi

This one is truly fearless when it comes to designing cakes. Their fondant work is quite impressive, You can get as ‘creative’ as you like with the design, and they won’t disappoint.

Explore them here.

Sugar Daddy Bakes


This baker is sure to blow your mind with the finesse that they execute the finishing of all their cakes. They make extremely pretty floral and designer cakes. Their gilded cakes are remarkable and they also make some delectable boozy cakes too.

Explore them here.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: The Hot Pink Cake Studio

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