More Than 200 Restaurants Curate Diabetic Diets For The Diabetic Food Trail

Diabetic diet

Diabetic diet you say? In a day and age when the restaurant business’ primary focus is to cater to the ever-changing palates and diets of the people, diabetics are a minority that are easily ignored. As of 2015, there are 69.1 million Indians suffering from blood-sugar problems, with about 36 million undiagnosed cases. In a country where the staple diet largely comprises starchy and sweet food, eating out for diabetics can be a nightmarish experience.

First Things First

Seema Pinto, an event consultant, has the disease since 12 years now. For her, eating out at a place that offers healthy food options has become a personal struggle through the years. This struggle prompted her to reach out to chefs all across the country, with the idea of having a food festival that would cater to diabetics, and pre-diabetic customers. The Diabetic Food Trail is now in its second year and is covering over 200 restaurants across Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai with a special diabetic diet curated by each experienced chef.

While approaching chefs the previous year, she found that her biggest challenge was to educate them about the necessity of foods that will not cause a spike in blood sugar. As the concept of a diabetic diet is new, the chefs weren’t sure what kind of ingredients were safe to use while making it healthy and delicious. She wanted to remove the stigma that food for those suffering from diabetes must be tasteless and bland while reinforcing the idea that it is possible to eat well whilst managing diabetes. The second season also includes masterclasses with chefs and nutrition experts, as well as fitness boot camps to introduce regular physical activity to the diabetic.

diabetic diet

To participate in the Diabetic Food Trail, all one has to do is to walk into any of the 200+ restaurants that are listed on their website, and request for the special menu. The list includes pickup restaurants like Faasos in Mumbai and the Ritz Carlton in Bengaluru. The dishes on the menus range from the Quinoa and Millet Risotto at Caperberry in Bengaluru to Tariwala Chicken and Southall Saag Paneer at Mirchi & Mime in Mumbai. The dishes come with their own nutrition charts. Interestingly enough, the menus also have dessert options, with the sugar-free Panna Cotta being the favourite.

The Diabetic Food Trail started on 12th November and will run till the 30th of November. You can find the full list of participating restaurants at

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