Man Travelled From Edinburgh To India Only Bartering 120 Beer Cans

Travel In India

Ever thought of a travel in India armed with nothing? Impossible, you say? Emmanuel “Manny” Marshall  travelled all the way from Edinburgh in Scotland to our very own Delhi with 120 cans of beer that financed his trip. If that wasn’t shocking enough, well, you ought to know that he covered a 5,000-mile journey in just 6 weeks!

First Things First

Marshall, a native of Sydney, Australia, is a seasoned traveller and has been travelling for the last ten years, apart from which, he’s also made a mark as an author of the book, Travel Hackers Handbook. As a homage to the 18th-century brewers of India Pale Ale (IPA), Marshall undertook this trip offering the cans of IPA as payment. Travel in India without cash is difficult, but this is something completely else. 

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His Journey

Before leaving Edinburgh, Manny said,” This is a trip of a lifetime. I’ve been hitchhiking for a long time now and I’ve seen how beer brings people together in many countries around the world.” Marshall made his way through France, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria and the Czech Republic. He depended on the generous contributions of the people to get along, like lifts from drivers and shelter for the night, when it came to travel in India. According to him, the people didn’t expect anything in return and some of them were glad that he had something to offer. Thankfully for Marshall, he had the IPA beers in his kitty, which according to their founder, Dougal Gunn Sharp, is one of the most distinctive styles of beer and is loved in many parts of the world.

So much for globetrotting! That sure must have been a task for Marshall but being the sport that he is, he managed to get it done. Hope you continue on your journey and inspire others along the way. Cheers!

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Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

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