5 Easy To Make Ice Cubes At Home Including A Wine Ice Cubes Recipe

5 Easy & Super Inventive Ice Cubes You Should Keep To Make Your Drinks Pop

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Summers aren’t leaving and with the little bouts of rain and sun, you’ll want something to keep you cool. Try these inventive ice cubes to make your drinks entertaining and refreshing. Especially with that wine ice cubes recipe.

 1. Lemon and Mint Ice Cubes

tricks Recipe homemade healthy Category:Organics

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Making mojito? (Virgin or not, we aren’t judging!) The usual ice cubes dilute the flavour, so try these lemon and mint cubes to sass up your drink.


Take out those baking trays you haven’t used in a while. Cut lemons or limes in thin spherical shapes, toss in a few mint leaves, pour water and freeze. Add these to the glasses, for a perfect look and relish.

2. Coffee Cubes 

If you run on iced coffee, you know the pain of reaching the fag end and having to drink just coffee-water (that’s not iced coffee!).


Freeze hot coffee in ice cube trays and add them to your glass when needed. Voila! You have a perfect glass of iced coffee.

3. Fruit Ice Cubes

Want to serve some fresh juice or maybe add a fruity flavour to your cocktails. Fruit cubes is the way to go! Even if you’re drinking plain water, infusing them with these fruit cubes is a good idea for keeping your system hydrated.


Juice whatever fruit you like and freeze, add to drinks and let the party begin! Crush the ice cubes in a food processor for a quick and trouble-free granita.

4. Smoothie Cubes

Making smoothies or got some fruit leftover? Freeze them in cubes. Efficient and easy, they can be stored in ziplock bags once frozen.


Simply throw peeled fruits in a blender and once they reach a smooth consistency, freeze.

tricks Recipe homemade healthy Category:Organics   tricks Recipe homemade healthy Category:Organics

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5. Champagne/Wine Cubes

Got some of last night’s champagne left over? Cube it! Add orange or grapefruit juice in the morning to make mimosas.


Freeze the champagne! Add orange rinds to take it a notch higher.

Get creative and start freezing!

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