Weed Wine Is Here & Is Everything That Stoners & Wine Lovers Need

Cannabis Wine Is Here! You Haven’t Tried Much Unless You’ve Tried This Weed Wine

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Stoners and wine-lovers can collectively rejoice. Wine producers in California are producing cannabis infused wine. Weed wine is here and well, we’ve only heard good things about it.

First Things First

A little look-see on the topic, and we found that people have been infusing wine with weed and other psychoactive substances for medical reasons for years. The Chinese used to give their patients this concoction as a form of anesthesia just before performing surgeries to put them in a sleep-like state.

The Cannawine project started in 2010 when they were only experimenting with possible connections of cannabis with wines, experimenting with aroma, flavour, and fermentation. In 2015, they were able to successfully get results combining new sensations, creativity, innovation and real flavours and have been producing Cannawine ever since. Currently, they only have a red wine that has been infused with marijuana.

There is evidence of the additives coming from folkloric traditions and the practice is often found in the making of home brews. You can find wine infused with salamander poison marketed in the Balkans, and Modern Greek retsina is fortified with toxic terpenes. Dating back to 1700 BC probably one of the oldest cellars was found in Israel not a decade ago, with about 1900 liters of wine infused with cinnamon, honey, mint, and of course, psychotropic resins.

En buena mesa!!!!

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Before you go off searching on the internets about where you can get it, keep in mind that you will need a prescription for it because the infusion has a psychotropic drug. Prices start at €20 for a bottle! Also, this potion is only available in Spain at the moment. So even if they start shipping to India, getting high on this will come at a pretty steep cost (possible even jail time).

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