Vegetable Yoghurt Is Coming & There’s Nothing We Can Do About It


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Speculated to replace the sweet and fruity flavours, vegetable yoghurt will possibly be the new trend of 2017! Flavours like carrot, beetroot and sweet potato are already a hit in Britain and with the proven concept of salted desserts like matcha, sesame and earl grey ice creams, vegetable yoghurts isn’t that much of a stretch.

First Things First 

Healthier than the sweet counterparts, its great for weight watchers. Since yoghurts are a part of daily diet rather than periodic restaurant food, a change in the calorie count results in impressive reduction. Currently available by Blue Hill, the yoghurts are seeing increased popularity. Watch out for these on #Instagram!

Breaking the myth of healthy food tasting bland and vice-versa, these yoghurts are just as delicious as the fruit ones. And well, now that it is coming, we are resigned to our fate of a healthier lifestyle. Bye Bye Butter Chicken. (Sigh!)

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