How To Make Poached Eggs? Here Are 5 Winning Tips

Breakfast Dreaming Of Toast & Eggs? Here Are 5 Tips To Make A Winning Poached Egg

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A  toast with poached egg and hollandaise sauce, garnished with chives is what breakfast dreams are made of. Making a poached egg? Not so much! So, we bring to you some easy tricks on how to make poached eggs.

1. Use Fresh Eggs At Room Temperature

An egg’s age is extremely important while poaching. In an old egg, the whites start to loosen up and become more fluid, making it hard to coagulate, resulting in a withered poached egg. A fresh egg has tightened whites, reducing the chances of wispy bits. Using cold eggs lowers the water temperature disturbing the poaching process.

2. Crack The Egg In A Ramekin Before Poaching

If you dread cracking the egg directly into water, use this trick to make your life easier. Crack the egg in a ramekin prior to boiling the water. Once heated, slowly pour the egg whites first followed by yolk. Easy peasy!

3. Poach In A Few Inches Of Water

Watching the water bowl like a hawk while waiting for it to boil? Not anymore! Use a broad pan with a few inches of water allowing it to boil rather quickly. This also keeps the egg from bobbling around and the whites to remain close together.

4. Add Salt And Vinegar To The Boiling Water

A splash of vinegar drops the water temperature lower, allowing the egg whites to set faster and coagulate together, giving you a flawless poached egg. Salt also helps in decreasing the feathering as salinity is proportional to the coagulation temperature.

5. Create A Whirlpool

Using a wooden spoon, swirl the water before adding the egg. Vortex causes the egg to move in a circular motion, preventing it from splitting apart and allowing the egg whites to completely cover the yolk inside.

#EatExtra Take the humble egg to a new level by poaching it in red wine (port) and it will be unlike anything you have had before.

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