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EatTreat Bytes: Quick And Easy Paneer Skewers For A Healthy Pre-Dinner Snack

Feeling hungry and don’t feel like cooking something, try this no-cook paneer skewers recipe. They’re fun and yummy too. Here’s how to make quick and easy paneer skewers that’ll leave your guests prepped and happy for dinner.  Quick And Easy Paneer Skewers Ingredients: 200 gm paneer Salt Pepper 01 zucchini 03 tbsp olive oil Fennel…

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EatTreat Bytes: Quick & Easy Thai Noodle Bites On Forks!

How about some quick noodles for the days when you’re too tired to cook? Here’s the easy-peasy recipe that would barely take 10 minutes. You can thank us later for this quick and easy Thai Noodle recipe.   Ingredients: 250gm boiled soba noodles  1 tbsp pickled ginger finely chopped  2tsp Chinese hot chilli sauce 4tbsp…

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EatTreat Bytes: Quick & Easy Korean BBQ Cauli-Florets

Looking for a quick and easy salad recipe for snack time? This easy recipe for Korean BBQ Cauli-florets uses all the ingredients that are already in your pantry and barely takes any time to make! Ingredients: 3 cloves of garlic, chopped 5g ginger, finely chopped 10ml honey 10ml soy sauce 10ml vinegar 10g brown sugar 100g…

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A Creamy Alfredo Pasta With A Cheesy Mayo Instead Of Your Regular Cheese

As we might have mentioned before (one, two,… maybe a million times) we are total goners for cheese. Especially when it’s melty, gooey and all kinds of inappropriate. But well, it’s always the Calories that shoo us away innit? So here’s an alfredo pasta with mayo that you can make at home, when finding different…