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17 Orgasmic Food Trends That Made 2016 Totally Worth The Trouble

2016 has been an interesting year with food trends that have really caught our imagination. From loaded fries, to sushi burritos and rainbow foods – we’ve compiled our picks for the biggest food trends from 2016 to draw the curtains on the year gone by, and usher in a new year full of surprises. Food Bowls Food…

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Instagram Trend // We Petition For Our Birthday Cake To Be A Drip Cake

Drip cakes are what’s trending on the internets, and we can’t help but share our favourites from the thousands that we get to see every day. They’re quirky, pretty, colourful, and classy; all rolled into one! And it won’t be totally terrible to get one as a birthday cake. ‘Dripping’ With Fabulousness. Movie star planet…

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Instagram Trend // Donut Cones Are Taking Over Our Dessert Plates

Donuts and ice cream, it honestly can’t get better than this! Our search for this delicacy in Delhi hasn’t come to fruition yet, but until we find these donut cones, gorge on some amazing pictures we found from around the world! A cone so perfect! ? WHO WANTS TO WIN ICE CREAM FOR LIFE? ….

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Instagram Trend // Churro Loops – When Mexican Desserts Meet Instagram

We love churros and evidently so does Instagram! For when Mexican desserts are dominating the social websites with trends like churro loops, stuffed churros, churro cones and churro ice cream sandwiches, we can’t stop ourselves. Take a look below to see what we are talking about! Churro loops for beginners. ➰loop-dee-loop! … … … #eeeeeats…

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5 Newbies To Look Out For At The New & Improved Ansal Plaza

Ansal Plaza is getting revamped, reoriented and restored. And how. Especially now that we know that The Arena is coming up. But what’s interesting are the newbies of the town which are not just exciting new cuisines but also offering food in an ambience like never before. Check them out below! Jom Jom Malay Yes,…

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How Will The Rs 500 & Rs 1000 Note Ban Affect Your Local Momo-Wallah

As everyone is going into panic-mode, the demonetisation of 500 and 1000 notes has become one of the biggest stories that we are following on our phones, laptops, radios, television and everywhere else. While the note ban has affected us all in different ways, it seems that the hardest hit are your local kirane-wala, hawkers…