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Paper Boat Is Going To Make Quirky Traditional Indian Snacks Now

Starting next month, Paper Boat wants to replicate its ethnic beverage brand in the fast-growing packaged food industry, and will start placing packaged Indian snacks on shop shelves. Neeraj Kakkar, the co-founder of Hector Beverages, which promotes Paper Boat, has confirmed the news. First Things First Kakkar says that while beverages are seasonal, the packaged…

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The Never-ending Fight Between Pulao & Biryani – Settled!

Yes yes yes, I am aware of the everlasting debate about biryani not being considered a vegetarian dish. Answering questions of surprised friends (most who just love the veg vs. non-veg debate) about how do I even live in the illusion that rice without meat can be biryani. But here I am, once again, calling their pulao, my biryani….