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Ever Wondered What Explorers Eat On Their South Pole Expeditions?

Man has an unending thirst for adventure, and it is because of his growing appetite for exploring that he has forayed into uncharted territories like the Antarctic. Not for the faint hearted, a South Pole expedition involves hardships unforeseen. However, in the dark, frosty monotony of the Antarctic winter, food provides an exciting source of…

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5 Weird Things That Go Exceptionally Well With Honey

Honey is so full of goodness, that it makes even weird things better. Here are a few things that you should be drenching in this silky, liquid gold if you’re not already doing so. We like to use Honey Twigs for these little snacks of ours since they come in such handy packaging. Blue Cheese A…

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3 OffBeat Diwali Gifts That You Can Present This Time

Diwali season is in full force! While the card parties and daily night-outs are giving us a run for the money, festivals are never complete without an endearing gift for our friends and relatives. So, give the usuals a skip and opt for these quirky gifts instead! 1. Tea Trunk Gift Hampers  While wine remains…