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A Creamy Alfredo Pasta With A Cheesy Mayo Instead Of Your Regular Cheese

As we might have mentioned before (one, two,… maybe a million times) we are total goners for cheese. Especially when it’s melty, gooey and all kinds of inappropriate. But well, it’s always the Calories that shoo us away innit? So here’s an alfredo pasta with mayo that you can make at home, when finding different…

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Forget Gajar! Pumpkin Halwa Is What You Should Be Aiming For

As each day passes by, we can almost hear the rustle of the dry, golden coloured autumnal leaves, the sweet smell of warm spices in the air. But alas! It’s all a dream. Here’s how you can enjoy Summers with this delicious, silky Indian pumpkin halwa recipe. Serves: 4-5 Prep Time: 10 mins Cook Time:…

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How To Get Those Perfectly Caramelised Onions At Home For Your Biryani

Caramelised onions add mouth-watering flavour to almost any dish. From quiches to pizzas, to burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches, this is one ingredient that will take your dish up by a notch. How to caramelise onions? Find out! The process is time consuming, but it’s definitely going to make your cooking game strong. Elements: Onions, butter/ olive…

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6 Giant Food Stores That Stock Everything Your Inner Chef Could Ever Dream Of

With news of Walmart making its way to India, we can’t be more excited about binge-buying home stuff. Modern food stores that stock everything from the best cheeses to having a well informed charcuterie? Well we have a list! These well-stocked food & grocery stores in Delhi that’ll have avocados, dragon fruits, and every bakery…

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5 Easy & Super Inventive Ice Cubes You Should Keep To Make Your Drinks Pop

Summers aren’t leaving and with the little bouts of rain and sun, you’ll want something to keep you cool. Try these inventive ice cubes to make your drinks entertaining and refreshing. Especially with that wine ice cubes recipe.  1. Lemon and Mint Ice Cubes Photo Courtesy Of: Amelia Crook Making mojito? (Virgin or not, we aren’t…