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A Festival Of Cocktails & Booze? Delhi Cocktail Week Sure Looks Promising

Coming back for it’s second edition, Delhi Cocktail Week, in very succinct words, can be described as a festival of cocktails and everything booze. Having already completed round in Mumbai and Bengaluru, it is back in Delhi with some amazing boozy concoctions. So get ready for award-winning swills and some fun stuff to keep you…

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Townhall Is Opening In Gurgaon! And So Are A Bunch Of New Restaurants

When Townhall opened its doors in Khan Market in 2014, little did anyone know that this restaurant will soon become a landmark of sorts. An eclectic atmosphere, where Chef Augusto Cabrera belts out signature sushi and World Cuisine, Townhall Khan Market has shown Delhi how to have a good time. First Things First A decade…

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Khatti Meethi Margherita & Dirty Rose: Cocktails At Barcelos Are Killing It

Chatpati Diary takes us to this Portugese cocktail bar & dessert tasting and we are feeling all kinds of high (sugar and otherwise). Barcelos brings the rich wine culture of Portugal here through their cocktail bar. And the Portuguese food is almost always a hit. First Things First They have already won people’s hearts through…

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Sing Along With Starters At These Grub & Gig Places In Delhi

The Capital city has recently been witness to some seriously exciting music festivals like the Gig Week and we couldn’t be happier. Home to a burgeoning independent scene, the city’s soundscape ranges from metal, to indie, electronica, pop, jazz and so much more. Delhi’s live music venues are stepping up to take this movement forward….

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Sandy’s Cocktails & Kitchen For Bespoke Cocktails In Gurgaon

Chatpati Diary took us on a visit to Sandy’s Cocktails & Kitchen, and as the name suggests it is symbolic of everything that its creator Sandeep Verma (aka Sandy) has accumulated over decades of experience in the hospitality sector. There is plenty to look forward to here (especially some amazing cocktails in Gurgaon). First Things…

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#HeyRum // Hot Buttered Rum That’ll Add Warmth To Your Festive Meals

Our #HeyRum campaign is almost at its close and while you already know how much we love rum, we’re taking this love to the next level with our incredible hot buttered rum recipe. Try it yourself for an unmatched winter booze party! The Elements 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature 1/4 cup dark-brown…

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Single-Serve Christmas Drinks For Those Spending Christmas Alone

Christmas is just around the corner, and you’re probably dizzy from all the excitement just as much as we are. What better than to sit with a cocktail, to calm those nerves. Staying in never sounded this good with these Christmas drinks. Hot Toddy The Elements 60 ml bourbon Boiling Water 1 tablespoon honey 1…

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#HeyRum // 6 Classic Rum Cocktails That Are Party Hits Every Time

Just the addition of alcohol to juice uplifts the simple flavours and turns it into a spectacular drink, and no matter how new age cocktails exist, we always drift towards the classic ones. Here are the classic rum cocktails that you absolutely must know before you host your winter dinner party. Daiquiri The Elements 45…