This New App Helps You Track Weight By Taking Food Pictures!

Taking pictures of your food before you attack it, is almost obligatory these days. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are all ways of garnering a substantial following that keeps up with your food adventures, and let’s accept it, we love the attention.

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First Things First

But now, there’s more. There could possibly be another brilliant benefit from snapping pictures of your food! Lose It!, a Boston-based weight loss and tracking app has just begun a beta feature called Snap It. This is basically a feature that will allow you to take pictures of your meals and food-adventures, and let’s you easily estimate the number of calories you’re consuming.

If that isn’t a pretty solid reason to know more about your food, we don’t know what is. How does it work? Well, you take a picture of your meal, select a meal type (breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ snack) and then Snap It analyses the picture and gives you options of choosing which food it is.

What Next?

Once you’ve selected it, you can put in more info about portion sizes, contents and other details into SnapIt. The app gets smarter with every input you make and over time, you won’t even have to do that! CEO Charles Teague told TechCrunch that the future promises to be fully self-driving and that’s what the app is aiming towards.

The app picks out information regarding every food picture from it’s dataset of 10,10,00 images and claims to be 87.3% to 97.1% accurate within the dataset. So move-over social media, taking pictures of food now has a higher calling!

Download the app here.

Read the full story here.

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