Try These Savoury Waffles In Gurgaon If You Like Your Waffles Stuffed

Try These Savoury Waffles In Gurgaon If You Like Them Waffles Full Of Stuffing

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The applications of a waffle-maker are unlimited and Gurgaon is catching up on it! No longer restricting waffles to sweet treats, restaurants and cafes are experimenting with this comfort food, taking it beyond the boundaries of sugar. Waffles in Gurgaon are coming up in a big way and we’re applauding the effort. 

Fat Lulu’s Cafe & Bar

Why opt for a panini when you can have a waffle sandwich instead? Offering a variety of waffle sandwiches, Fat Lulu’s is winning our heart for their Pepperoni and Bacon Waffle. If you don’t eat meat (we don’t judge) try their Rustic Waffle with bell peppers, olives, jalapeños and mushrooms, served with a spicy, tomato creamy sauce.

Explore Fat Lulu’s here.

Di Ghent Cafe

Whenever someone says waffles for breakfast, we always say yes! However, not always in the mood for sugar, Di Ghent Cafe rescues us with its delicious savoury waffle combinations. Try their Schone Waffle, served with fried egg, bacon, maple syrup, roasted potato and brown sauce. It’s exactly the kind of savoury waffle we have been daydreaming about.

Explore Di Ghent Cafe here.

snacks fast food Category:Snacks cafes

Photo Courtesy Of: Madison and Pike

Madison and Pike

A waffle with chicken and cheese – that’s what we are talking about! Our three favourite things in one, this is a meal you don’t want to end. With an option available for cornmeal or regular waffle you can even add eggs to accompany this delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Explore Madison and Pike here.

The All American Diner Pop-Up (Drift, Epicentre) 

The All American Diner often pops-up in Gurgaon at Drift, Epicentre and we couldn’t be happier. Serving a Belgian waffle combo with fried egg and chicken sausages, you can top with maple syrup, making it the absolute definition of sweet and savoury!

Explore The All American Diner here.

So, skip the sugar and go for salted!

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