Heavenly Restaurants To Try On A Road Trip To Jaipur

Foodcation Tips: Try These Heavenly Food Joints On Your Road Trip To Jaipur! 

vegetarian snacks Rajasthan meats meat jaipur Indian food walk

We love food-cations and what’s better than to take one of the numerous long weekends off with a road trip to Rajasthan’s beloved pink city! So, here is a list of places you must visit when in Jaipur to have a food-filling trip with mouth-watering memories.

Rawat Misthan Bhandar

The first place which comes to mind when we think of Jaipur is Rawat. We love their crispy pyaaz kachoris which are spicy but have sweet undertones thanks to the beautifully caramelised onions stuffed inside. Their signature mirchi pakoras are just as delicious but not for the fainthearted! Coated with a hot (very, very hot) mixture of potatoes around the gigantic green chilli, it is fried with a batter outside. 

Head to near Polo Victory Cinema Station Road, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur

Say hello at 0141 236 0608


Located in the centre of the pink city, this old establishment is where we go to stock up on paneer ghewar. While they also have a restaurant, we feel the food doesn’t do justice to the city’s cuisine and much prefer their sweet desserts over the savoury dishes. 

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vegetarian snacks Rajasthan meats meat jaipur Indian food walk

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Often recommended by EatTreat members, Niros is a favourite in the group for non-vegetarian fare in Jaipur. We hear their lal maas is really good, making it a must visit for dinner. Considered as one of the legendary restaurants in Jaipur, it was established in 1949 and continues to shine.

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Lassiwala, MI Road

No matter which state and which town, in North India you never leave a city without having lassi. So, just like every other city, Jaipur has a standout lassi walla (named the same) which you must try at-least once. The signature sweet or salty lassi is topped with spoonfuls of malai, creamy and refreshing it quite filling. 

Spice Court

A relatively recent opening, Spice Court has won the hearts of people in Jaipur with its desi ghee cooked food. The keema bati and lal maas come highly recommended and our friends sing high praises of the establishment. They even opened an outlet in Gurgaon, but sadly things did not work out and it shut down. However, don’t let that deter you because the Jaipur outlet is going very strong and thus, on our road trip list! 

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vegetarian snacks Rajasthan meats meat jaipur Indian food walk   vegetarian snacks Rajasthan meats meat jaipur Indian food walk

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