EatTreat Bytes: Quick And Easy Paneer Skewers For A Healthy Pre-Dinner Snack

Fri Jun 23 2017 | 3588 Views

Feeling hungry

and don’t feel like cooking something, try this no-cook paneer skewers recipe. They’re fun and yummy too. Here’s how to make quick and easy paneer skewers that’ll leave your guests prepped and happy for dinner. 

Quick And Easy Paneer Skewers


200 gm paneer



01 zucchini

03 tbsp olive oil

Fennel seeds

½ lemon

Cherry tomatoes

Mint leaves

Olives (optional)


  • Mix all the ingredients 
  • Place all the ingredients on the skewers one after the other. 
  • serve and chill 

Raminder Bakshi

Hospitality expert , entrepreneur and Chef Raminder Bakshi is the founder and leading advisor , developer and deft-risk mitigator at The Art Cuiinnaire. Raminder Bakshi, has more than 23 years of experience in the Hospitality and F&B industry.