Purr-fect Coastal And Bambaiyya Flavours At Junglee Billee

Next time you are shopping at Greater Kailash-M Block market, do visit Junglee Billee and before you know, you’ll find yourself having spent more time that you thought you would!

In A Nutshell

Junglee Billee, in heart of a very busy Gk1-M block market is a dedication and a celebration of this extraordinary city, and its rare women and their untameable free spirit. Poetically translated into art, architecture and apparel.

Cherry Picked

This impressive yet unpretentious gastropub boasts of dishes that brim with taste and flavour from different parts of the country. Experience the typical gully-mohallah food to the health conscious food under one roof amidst a very vintage decor.

The one thing that tingles the vintage lover in me was that almost every element in the resto-studio (furniture, lights, table tops, wall art, curios, objects d’art) are specifically curated and exclusively designed and are for sale. All of these elements for sale are limited edition designer pieces.

Raise A Glass To

They have a fun menu of Colaba cuisine which has an old Bombay charm, and European dishes and desserts accompanied by cocktails, wines and spirits.

On The Silver Platter

We began your journey by choosing from a fun Mumbai and Gujarat street food and snack menu by Chef Pawan which has farsaan and snacks which have not been served before in Delhi, cooked by experienced and talented maharajs.

We then experienced the robust flavours of Scion Koliwada with dishes like Koliwada chicken, Koliwada Fish, Noorani Tangri Kebab, Tandoori Surmai and Kalmi kebab. To cater to the health conscious women, they have focused on light foods, using whole wheat flour wherever possible, and using lighter oil like Pomace olive oil for cooking, light yet delicious salads with no oil citrus dressings, and lot of healthy fish and seafood dishes. Use of healthy coastal, Gomantak and Malvani ingredients like tamarind and kokum, which are hardly being used in North India.

Food For Thought

Walk through the gullies of Mohammad Ali Road and Bohri Mohallah while experiencing the signature dishes and if that isn’t possible, Junglee Billee has them in their menu. Special mention to Chef Pawan who took us on a food journey while making sure we did not miss out on the little details in the decor and other elements at Junglee Billee.

Explore Junglee Billee here.

Photos Courtesy Of: Ankit Mathur

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