Punjabi Food In Delhi Gets A Global Makeover With Punjab Grill Tappa

Punjab Grill Tappa In CyberHub Brings Fresh Punjabi Food With A Twist For Millennials

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Punjab Grill has introduced a concept restaurant called Punjab Grill Tappa which is serving Punjabi food in Delhi in a fresh global light. The restaurant adds an innovative and explorative touch to the Indian cuisine, matched with a modern contemporary presentation. It boasts of travelling the world through Indian food, with dishes inspired by global influences.

First Things First 

A new venture for Punjab Grill, the group is expanding faster than ever. They’ve come to Gurgaon first, but we can also expect them in CP soon. They are primarily targeting the tastes of the youth and will feature North Indian cuisine with global twists. 

What’s On The Silver Platter?

The long bar obviously makes us want to head to the bar section, but we’ve heard equally good things about the Chicken Biryani, Chicken Tikka and the Tappa Bhang Thandai. We also want to go have a look-see at their Lime Rubbed Tawa Jumbo Prawns and the Haleem Khao Suey. If that isn’t enough to move you out of your stupor, we don’t know what will. 

Explore more about Punjab Grill here.

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