Car-O-Bar Your Jam? You’ll Have To Put The Brakes On It

Well, pre-gaming is the thrill that Delhi gets high on, but the Kejriwal government has decided to put a cap on it. You will have to go to jail if you’re found partaking in this celebrated act of drinking alcohol in public, no questions asked.

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First Things First

Waging a war on the drinking and driving situation, the Delhi Government has decided to get involved. The crime of drinking alcohol publicly can leave you INR 5,000 short in the form of a fine and lead you behind the bars, and the Delhi Govt is not joking. In fact, if the offender creates any nuisance, the term will extend to three months and the fine will double.

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister expounded, “If someone is found consuming alcohol in public places and near liquor shops, we will get them arrested under the excise act from November 7.” Putting the cork on Delhi’s drinking plans, be it in a car with friends, alone or outside a restaurant, this rule will ply at any public place.

What’s More?

A campaign is in the works which will create awareness around the rules and will dissuade people from drinking alcohol in public.

Read the full story by Hindustan Times here.

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