3 Things To Order At Potet Delhi That Are Not French Fries

3 Things To Order At Potet: Delhi’s First Fries-Only Place

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When we first heard that Potet was launching, and even more so because it was so close to Christmas, we couldn’t help but be psyched about it. After all ‘haters can hate but potatoes will Potet’ (or something like that). We dropped in recently for a bite and we have to say, we were quite impressed. And we can say, they aren’t just you’re usual French fries.

Potet is an all-fries place started by Shasti Jain, Sumedha Upadhyay, and Shivika Upadhyay, who’ve brought their collective food experiences from travelling all over the world to the humble plate of french fries. They’ve got an interesting list of flavours from Japan, America, the UK, Kenya, Madras, Vietnam, and more. The best part is that the fries themselves are nice and thick, and the flavours don’t overwhelm you.

Canadian Sweet Maple Fries

The Canadian Sweet Maple Fries are made with sweet potatoes and are tossed together with oodles of cinnamon and maple syrup! They’ve even started topping this up with whipped cream just for the winter. Yummy in my tummy indeed!

Mexicano Fries

world cuisine snacks mexican fast food american

Potet shows you how you can have that salsa you’ve always had with nachos, but with fries; and quite beautifully at that. You’d want to sit with this and watch the game and grab a beer from the bar next door.

American Chilly Cheese Fries

This is one of the loaded fries on their menu. The fries are topped with a tomato-based gravy with chunks of chicken and lots of cheese. You neeeed to get this in your life ASAP!

Now these may be our favourites, but you should head over to just get some of their crinkle-cut fries with your choice of dip. The place is tiny but pretty, and they have ample seating outside. You’ll never want to go back to eating fries the boring way, ever again!

Head to The Junction, CSC Complex, Green Park Main Road, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Say hello at +91 9711946952

Pay INR 300 for two people (approx.)

Explore Potet.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Potet

world cuisine snacks mexican fast food american   world cuisine snacks mexican fast food american

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