Tips For Dieting On A Budget When Going The Paleo Way

Eat Like A Caveman: 5 Ways To Get Fit While Eating Everything

healthy diet detox Category:Organics budget

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg every time you try out a new diet. More often than not, the websites that we look to for advice, state information that is relevant only to their country, whether it is on the basis of availability of products, or the price. Here are a few tips for dieting on a budge and tricks to help you follow the Paleo way of cooking.

First Things First

Paleo diet is essentially everything that was available to cavemen of the Palaeolithic times. Raw foods, oils and anything unprocessed is good to go.

Skills You Need

Learn how to make homemade goods: The internet is a plethora of information. Look up recipes for items that you can prepare on your own, like nut butter, coconut milk, and ghee, specially if they’re not available locally, and to save money.

Purchase spices in bulk and make your own blends: If you’ve ever noticed the difference between freshly ground pepper, and getting pre-packaged pepper powder, you will find that the fresh one tastes a lot better in comparison. Similarly, you can get whole spices of your choice at supermarkets and make your own special blends. Always be on the lookout for a sale and buy them in bulk, since it can be a little costly otherwise. How’s that for tips for dieting on a budget.

healthy diet detox Category:Organics budget

Pick simple recipes: Using recipes that use not more than a few ingredients will not only save you money, but you can also potentially save on the preparation time.

Cut yourself a little slack: If a recipe calls for a specific type of soy sauce, go easy on yourself and get a more commonly available one that is low on sodium. It’s these little things that go a long way.

Saving Money Buying Ingredients


It is quite easy to find herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme at a nursery. You can either buy seeds, or a potted plant, and use as required.


Experiment with different oils, and stock up whenever there is a sale at the supermarket near your home. Certain fats, like bacon fat and ghee, imparts flavours and fragrance to the dish, and you can use that to your advantage as well.


For those who live in the city, one of the main things that boggle our minds is getting pasture-raised or grass-fed meat like all of these fancy websites tell us. It is easy to think that just because we can’t find these nearly unattainable things, we’re doing it wrong. Don’t stress about it and buy leaner cuts, trim the fat before cooking, and drain the fat after cooking. You should be good to go.


Eggs are a great source of protein and can substitute for meat in a number of ways. Moreover, they’re cheaper and more accessible. To save even more, you can negotiate with your neighbourhood grocer to provide you with a discount on each tray that you buy every month.

Vegetables & Fruits

Make your meal plans keeping in mind which fruits and vegetables may be in season and these could be your tips for dieting on a budget. You could even freeze some of the produce that you’ve bought. In case you have a food dehydrator, drying them is also an option.

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