Old Monk Beer Is A Real Thing & We Are Travelling Down South For It

There’s An Old Monk Beer For The Summers? Take All Our Money!

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Yes. Old Monk Beer exists.

First Things First

Thanks to Mohan Meakin Breweries, your favourite winter time drink brand, Old Monk rum has a fun new cousin that you can chill with on hot summer days. Presenting to you, the 10,000 Super Beer.

rum old monk goa Category:Drinks beer

The beer is a little on the stronger side and contains about 8% alcohol, so if you’re someone who generally enjoys a lighter brew, should go slow with this one. You can get this in traditional 650 ml bottles (at about INR 70), and 330 ml bottles. Currently, you can only get this in Goa, so now you know where to head to for your next vacay!

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Photo Courtesy Of: Mohan Meakin Breweries and Pixabay

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