Nirula's: Beating Dessert Spots In Gurgaon For Hot Chocolate Fudge

Nirula’s Hot Chocolate Fudge Has Always Been Dessert Goals! Find It In Gurgaon Now

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Our all-time favourite Nirula’s has closed a lot of branches in the past year, but their Hot Chocolate Fudge is something we can never forget! HCF craving often leads us to Connaught Place, but there is a place to score some Nirula’s Ice cream at dessert spots in Gurgaon and it’s closer than we thought!

First Things First 

Good Earth located next to the food hub, Baani Square has a casual dining restaurant Moti Mahal on the first floor; This North Indian restaurant has a Nirula’s ice cream counter (Rejoice! For now we are headed over to get ourselves their indulgent HCF), a franchise of the branch in Connaught Place. We are already dreaming of our next order, banana split, golden glow, a tub of chocolate fudge and the ever classic vanilla ice cream to accompany it!

Head over to Unit no. 169 & 181, Good Earth City Centre, Sector-50, Gurgaon.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Nirula’s

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