This New York Pizza Is Bringing Personal Pan Pizzas Made Of Gold!

Personal-Pan-Sized Gold Pizzas Are The Newest Weirdness Going On In The World

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World class restaurants keep innovating and rediscovering food, and it is no surprise when a restaurant in New York started making Gold Pizzas – one that few can afford, but will definitely order! This New York pizza is clearly a cut above the rest, in karats!

First Things First

Industry Kitchen, a 300-seater fine dining restaurant in NYC is now serving personal pan-sized gold pizzas. Since the restaurant is located in the financial district, and very close to Wall Street, they had wanted to have a dish on their menu that highlights this fact.

The New York pizzas cost a whopping $2,000. One can easily get a high-end laptop for that amount. To put it into perspective, $2,000 would be INR 1,35,881. For some of us, that’s the entire year’s rent money!

Coming back to this very extravagant food item, the restaurant has had Gold Pizzas on their menu since November 2016 but is slowly making headlines. We’re thinking that people who saw this might have gone into a state of shock and the word is spreading.

You must be, at this point, wondering about what it is that makes this New York pizza so special. Well, the Wall Street-inspired pizza is topped with rich ingredients from around the world – caviar from the Caspian Sea, truffles from France, foie gras from France, Stilton cheese from England, and 24-karat gold flakes from Ecuador. Furthermore, if you want to get the gold pizza, you must place an order at least 48 hours in advance.

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trending pizza News new york

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