Use This Passport For Fabulous Meal & Drinks At This Schmancy Delhi Travel Restaurant

Fri May 19 2017 | 74 Views

It’s impossibl

e to live in a day and age to not have the occasional fantasies of travelling around the world, especially when everything is digital and online. Day after day our social media timelines are flooded with check-ins and photographs of people who are either on their way to or have been to one of the many travel destinations of your dreams. But, fret not. Tourist Janpath is here to take you on a world tour of the most stunning places through their passports! There’s a new passport at Tourist Janpath and it’s making travelling around the world a little easier on the pocket.

First Things First

Tourist Janpath doesn’t have regular menus. They’ve got passports. Passports that take you across the world through the delicious food on their ‘menu’. At the moment, they’ve got four of these passports – Asia, Europe & UK, the Far East, and the Far West.

They’re launching their all new Loyalty Passport for the traveller who has a hunger for adventure—and food (obviously). It’s going to have some fantastic deals that you can avail all around the year, and you can even rip pages off of it to gift to a friend! They’re doing an incredible launch event later this month, and you can be a part of it, too! All you need to do is sign up and you’ll get an exclusive invite once you’ve received your confirmation in the mail.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up in the form below, and join us at Tourist Janpath at The Wander Fest—an amazing launch of the very fabulous Loyalty Passport, and an evening filled with their delicious food and drinks and live music. Registrations end on Sunday night, i.e. the 21st of May. Watch this space for more information as we inch closer to the date of the launch!

Head to 1, Scindia House, Janpath Road, Janpath, New Delhi

Date End of May. Dates to be announced shortly.

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