The All New McDonald's Menu Is Going To Have A Masala Dosa Burger!

McDonald’s Is Going To Have Masala Dosa Burgers On Their Menu

McDonald's cheap burger budget breakfast

McDonald’s is still everybody’s favourite place to go to for a quick breakfast, what with it being extremely budget friendly and delicious (the pancakes and hash brown, though!). With an aim to pick up business in a sluggish industry, they’re now planning to serve things like a Masala Dosa Burger with Molaga Podi sauce, and Anda-Bhurji in an all new McDonald’s menu.

First Things First

McDonald’s feels like it needs to lure in more people with new menu options, some of which will be only available in the morning. The menu will have a combination of both Indian and continental items and will be launched by mid-January; first in Mumbai, and then across India.

Amit Jatia, VC of Westlife Development which runs McDonald’s in certain parts of the country, says that they’re going to continue to take inspiration from Indian cuisine and bring it to the Mcdonald’s format, while having flavours of the west, but the familiarity of Indian food.

Neither is the focus on breakfast a new concept for this leading QSR, and nor is the inspiration from Indian cuisine incorporated in their menu. What is new, though, is the launch of an entire range of food as a separate menu.

On Items on The Menu

Apart from Masala Dosa Burgers, the new McDonald’s menu will also feature Spinach and Corn And Hash Brown Brioches, along with plain and masala Scrambled Eggs, Waffles, and Hotcakes. The latest move is an attempt to go the healthier way with most of these dishes being grilled instead of being fried.

On Convenience Of Pick & Go Food

Jatia says that the convenience of breakfast on the go will increase as more people will want to come in and get their morning meals from here. As a western QSR, they plan to grow the Indian breakfast market dramatically. He says that there’s enough room for fast food restaurants in the market as they won’t necessarily compete with players like Udupi and Irani restaurants.

On Growth In The Current State Of Economy

At the moment, the eating out market in India is estimated at $94 billion (INR 5.85 lakh crore approx.), but only 2% of this is contributed by national and international food retail brands like Mcdonalds. Major chains like them, Jubilant FoodWorks’ Dunkin’ Donuts and Domino’s Pizza, and Yum’s Pizza Hut and KFC have all been struggling to grow in the current state of the slowing economy.

On Demand For Breakfast At QSRs

Jatia feels that breakfast is an untapped market that other organised players are yet to explore. He does realise that the biggest challenge that they’re going to face is the fact that people generally prefer having homemade breakfasts and fresh food to packaged breakfasts made with processed ingredients. And so, the demand will be restricted to those who travel for work.

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McDonald's cheap burger budget breakfast

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