7 Indian Sweet Shops In Delhi To Get All Your Spectacular Navratri Sweets

7 Indian Sweet Shops & Navratri Mithais That You Must Indulge In This Festive Season

traditional sweet old delhi Indian iconic desserts Category:Bakery

While Navratri’s are here, we are off all kinds of savoury things (how much we miss the chicken wings) but it’s a time when we can dwell on sugary sweets instead! So, here is a list of mithai’s you should be gorging on before the festive season is over. These Indian sweet shops in Delhi has us floored.

1. Sev Badam at Chaina Ram 

Chaina Ram in Chandni Chowk is our all-time Old Delhi favourite and their sweets are something no festive season is complete without. Loaded with almonds and pistachios, Sev Badam melts in the mouth.

Explore Chaina Ram here.

traditional sweet old delhi Indian iconic desserts Category:Bakery

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2. Milk Cake at Gopala

Gopala has a tonne of delicious desserts, including their large-sized rasgullas but if you are fasting during Navratri, it’s the milk cake you can relish without guilt. Grainy and sweet, it is like an Indian version of decadent, caramelised fudge cake.

Explore Gopala here.

3. Kesar Rasmalai at Standard Burfee 

This milky dessert is creamy and sweet. Even though it is of Bengali origin, it remains one of the most celebrated desserts during Navratri, owing to its cold temperature. The addition of Kesar just takes it up a notch. This is one of those Indian sweet shops in Delhi that never disappoints. 

Explore Standard Burfee here.

4. Coconut Burfi at Bharat Sweet House

If you are a coconut fan (or not) you ought to fall in love with this two-coloured unique piece of mithai. Served in rectangles and wrapped in Bharat Sweet butter paper individually, it is a treat for the taste buds.

Explore Bharat Sweet House here.

5. Milk Mysore Pak at Sarvana Bhawan 

A South Indian delicacy, Mysore Pak tastes as decadent as a fudge but has a smooth texture. Made with generous amounts of ghee, milk, cardamom and sugar, this rich dessert is absolutely delicious and quite sweet.

Explore Sarvana Bhawan here.

6. Kulfi at Ravi Raj 

Everyone fasting during Navratri will agree that kulfi is must have after the heavy “fasting” meal and no one does stick kulfi better than Ravi Raj. Available in different flavours, its signature badam kulfi is our all time favourite.

Explore Ravi Raj here.

7. Motichoor Laddoo at Tewari Brothers 

traditional sweet old delhi Indian iconic desserts Category:Bakery   traditional sweet old delhi Indian iconic desserts Category:Bakery

Laddoo is an all-time puja classic. Get your batch of laddoos from Tewari Brothers in Chandi Chowk. An establishment which began its journey six decades ago, is now known for pure desi ghee products and their Motichoor Laddoos are what keep us coming back!

Explore Tewari Brothers here.

8. Dhoda at Om Sweets

A sticky sweet slice enriched with walnuts and almonds, Dhoda is a traditional Punjabi dessert. Our personal favourite and entrusted for years, Om Sweets is the go-to place for some good quality Dhoda.

Explore Om Sweets here.

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