Satish Kaushik Opens Mr. India Themed Restaurant - Calendar's Kitchen

A Mr. India Themed Restaurant Is Coming To Delhi Called Calendar’s Kitchen

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The latest trend in Delhi’s food space is clearly the launch of restaurants by renowned Bollywood actors. Satish Kaushik has recently partnered with the Delhi-based entrepreneur Shray Jain to open a restaurant dedicated to the iconic character that he played in Mr. India. This Mr. India themed restaurant called Calendar’s Kitchen is pretty much tickling our ribs.

First Things First

Satish Kaushik’s new restaurant is called Calendar’s Kitchen—dedicated to his character ‘Calendar’ in the 90’s Bollywood film, Mr. India. Being a Delhiite himself, he still has close connections with the city and is quite well aware of Rajouri Garden as an upcoming food hub, which is where the restaurant has opened.

This isn’t the first time that Satish Kaushik has forayed into the restaurant space. He had also opened Khana Unlimited in Connaught Place about a decade ago, which didn’t work very well and had to be shut down.

What’s More?

He feels that ‘Calendar’ was one of the characters that he played that he just couldn’t separate from himself, and has always wanted to do something special. So when Shray Jain told him about the idea of a restaurant, the ideas just happened to click and the process was initiated.

Since he’s natively from Karol Bagh, he’s also known Janakpuri, Karol Bagh, Rajouri Garden to be popular food hubs. Knowing how much Delhi loves eating, and the response he got for his character in the film, he has brought the two together to bring Calendar’s Kitchen.

One of the USPs of the restaurant, he says, is that the waiters would also be known as ‘Calendar’. One can select from a variety of Continental and Indian fare while being seated in a comfortable space with a great ambiance.

Kaushik also says that they’d planned to open this Mr. India themed restaurant  well before the announcement of demonetisation of currency. He is aware of the challenges that they’re going to face initially as things get sorted out. He’s in support of the scheme and says that it is a worthwhile initiative taken by the Government of India.

Shray Jain, on the other hand, is very excited for the future and success of Calendar’s Kitchen and says that it is his privilege and honor to have Satish Kaushik as a mascot for the restaurant.

Explore Calendar’s Kitchen.

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rajouri garden north Indian continental Celebrity

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