Molecule Air Bar Bends All Gastronomic Rules With Their New Winter Menu

The chill in the air is officially something we can’t ignore anymore and the restaurants in this part of the country are gearing up with their menus. Molecule Air Bar has come out with their new winter menu and here’s what you need to look out for.

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In A Nutshell

Molecule may be located in one the most popular pub hubs in Gurugram, but it manages to set itself apart with all the crazy things that it does with food. The restaurant itself has World War II themed artefacts all over the place, but the food and drinks are new-age and involve a lot of science.

Perfect Spot

The restaurant is built over two levels—the main floor and the terrace where they have an open-air bar. The terrace is where you need to be at, if you like a little privacy. You can otherwise even relax with your gang here or on the floor below.

Raise A Toast To

restaurants new molecular gastronomy modern Category:Restaurants bar

The winter menu has about 9 drinks and our favorites have to be the Roselane (Bijouria) which is a pan flavoured cocktail, the Desi Libre (a twist on the Cuba Libra), which is their take on the rum and coke served in a ceramic eggshell; and the Fire On Ice which has passion fruit, tequila, and caramel, and is flavoured with star anise. They even do a fun flambe thing for the Fire On Ice which lasts for a few seconds before you take your sip.

On The Silver Platter

restaurants new molecular gastronomy modern Category:Restaurants bar   restaurants new molecular gastronomy modern Category:Restaurants bar

We feel that Molecule has effectively bent a lot of rules when it comes to presenting food in the most mind-boggling manner. This time around, they’ve presented their versions of your favourite street food. You must try the Edible Coal served with what they call Lava Ash, which is essentially dahi kebab (yogurt kebabs) cooked in a way that it has a firm, dark exterior and is served with a powdery spice mix. Also get the Dahi Vada 2050, From London To India (Amritsari fish and chips served their way), and all the desserts on their new menu.

They’ve made the simple Rasmalai look phenomenal with their gastronomical techniques. You can ask the chef to give you a live presentation of it, and you will know exactly why we’re raving about it. Also get the Rasgulla Tiramisu, and Sweet Dust—their version of the classic Jalebi and Rabri.

Bitter Pill

While most of the drinks were amazing, we didn’t quite like the Dark and Dirty, which is flavoured with jalapeños, because it tasted a little briny. It is served spectacularly in a skull, though. It definitely is Instagram-worthy, if nothing else.

Food For Thought

Molecule is bending all rules to make street food for their new winter menu that bowls you over with the presentation. They also have desi versions of classic cocktails that you absolutely must try. We feel that their portions are quite generous and you will leave this place sated for sure.

Explore them here.

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