10 Super Satisfying Mirror Cakes That Will Make You Feel Feelings

These 10 Super Satisfying Perfect Mirror Cakes Are All That Are Right In The World

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Mirror cakes have been taking over the Instagram world and how! So many people world over are making these mystical creations and we just can’t seem to be able to tear our eyes away from the screen. In Delhi, L’Opera has perfected the art of mirror cakes. Have you tried?

So satisfying.

These look so nice😍 • • #satisfying #cake #mirrorcake #mirrorglaze #mirrorcakes #glossing

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What’s better than a mirror cake? A bundt cake with a mirror glaze on it!

Ну и солнышка вам в ленту☀️💛

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This beach themed one, though.

Иногда просят повторить декор, но с небольшими изменениями☺️ #la_dentsucree_cake

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Who wouldn’t want a slice of that?

Вместо тысячи слов✨Instead of thousands of words😘

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This ocean themed one makes us want to swim in the depths of this cake.

When two things we love come together—galaxy mirror cakes!

Moscow never sleeps 😉#Moscowneversleeps

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As bright and shiny as the sun.

Look. At. That. Glaze.

Finishing up some cakes this AM. #tgif #pastelitosdecarne #yummy #hialeah #breadmanmiami #breadmanmiamibakery #mirrorcakes

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The only kind of edible flowers we like.

For those winter Christmas morning feels.

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