A McDonald’s Manager Got $110,000 Tip Because She Spotted A Murder Suspect!

A McDonald’s manager will get a $110,000 reward for tipping off police. The manager informed the police about a man accused of killing four people and terrorizing a Florida neighbourhood for 51 days. Here are all the details.

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What Went Down?

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Florida’s Gulf Coast’s, Tampa police chief Brian Dugan said at a news conference that Delonda Walker will receive “every penny” of the reward money. Her tip to police on Tuesday led to the arrest of 24-year-old Howell Emanuel Donaldson III.
Donaldson is charged with four counts of first-degree murder. His victims were apparently randomly shot during October and November. Donaldson worked at the McDonald’s. He left his loaded gun in the restaurant.

An Act Of Bravery

In a statement, Walker said getting a reward never entered her mind. She said she simply “wanted to do the right thing.” It was indeed an act of bravery which requires recognition. The woman saved more lives by just tipping off the police about the murderer at loose. Let’s wait and see whether or not the reward gets to her.

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