Marbled Desserts Are Taking Over Our Instagrams & It’s Super Pretty

Marbled finish is one thing, but when it starts taking over cheesecakes, brownies and everything dessert, then we have a problem. Or do we? Not a chance. Here’s a list of all the marbled cakes we recently came across and loved every bit of.

For instance, this White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake looks like a dream.

White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake ? #food #yummy #cheesecake #chocolate #raspberry #marbled #foodart #love

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These marbled cake balls are too precious to eat.

Marble cookies are a thing now?

In the process. BRB. *Checks fridge for munchies*

Swirly purple and wine bottles. Have a bite?

#winebottlecookies #ediblewinebottle #marblecookies #purplemarble

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When the outside of your cake is so damn gorgeous.

As is the inside! Sigh.

A simple but satisfying marble cake. Choco Vanilla Marble Pound Cake.

Chocolate Vanilla Marble Pound Cake. Very moist and chocolatey the perfect dense pound cake. #chocolateandvanilla #marblecake #poundcake #homemadecake

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Marbled blondies/brownies. Which would you pick?

Freshly baked Marbled brownie/ blondies ?? Happy weekend all x

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Need more eye-gasm?

What about this one in galaxy colours and on a cupcake too.

Gum paste flowers and marbling? Yes, please.

A marble effect bridal shower cake with hand made sugar flowers. Sweet and pretty ?

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What about this subtle perfection in pink?

Or this guns-blazing version of the same!

Спасибо огромное, что даёте осуществлять свои творческие мечты! Этот каменный акварельный торт поздравлял как всегда счастливых молодоженов! Пускай ваша совместная жизнь будет такой же яркой и страстной, а союз таким же по-каменному крепкий! Любите друг друга ?‌#капкейкисаратов #тортикивсаратове #тортикисаратов #тортиксаратов #тортыназаказсаратов #тортназаказсаратов #тортсаратов #тортысаратов #макаронссаратов #свадебныйтортсаратов #LekaCake #пряникисаратов #каменныйторт #тортакварель #stonecake #marblecake #weddingcake #тортмарсала #яркийторт #торт

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Which reminds us: Marbled Red Velvet Brownies

Save room for desserts!? Choco-cheese Sponge Cake • Red Velvet Brownies • Sticky Toffee Date Pudding

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A closer look at that swirl?

well… #redvelvetbrownies again 🙂 as always. she is everybody's favourite !!!

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Minimal marble is also a thing.

#チョコマーブル #marblecheesecake

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Pastel marble cake for the win!

Marble cheesecake in the making?? #marblecheesecake #orangemarble #workinglife

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Ending with two of our favourite things: Marbled Cake and Rainbows.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay