L’Opéra Introduces Pabana Gateaux, Berrilla Delish & More To Their Menu

L’Opéra is spinning some new desserts that you just won’t be able to resist! The patisserie has undergone culinary revamping to commemorate their five-year anniversary, launching more products to their already extensive dessert range.

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First Things First

The new L’Opéra menu includes some sinfully decadent cakes like Royal Chocolate, Chocolate Trio and Chocolate Mille Feuille. For a fruity explosion, try their Blueberry Cheesecake, Berrilla Delight or Pabana Gateaux. The quintessentially French pieces- Paris Brest, Lemon Tart and Eclair have been renewed and improved.

#EatExtra: They have recently opened their 13th store at Two Horizon Centre, Gurgaon where you can drop in to taste these sweet treats!

Explore L’Opéra here.

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