Looking for burgers in Noida? The Loaded Bases Burger Is A SMAAASH!

The Loaded Bases Burger At Mighty Small Is A SMAAASH!

Noida Gaming Category:Snacks Carnival burger

We have weekends when we just want to go out and indulge in little arcade gaming, even though those shops are hard to come by now. Afternoons like these make us reminiscent of a simpler time. And then, we get hungry because ur minds naturally wander off to thoughts about food. So we checked out this place that serves superb burgers in Noida AND panders to the child in us.

In A Nutshell

Mighty Small is a first of the many concept cafés being launched at all the SMAAASH properties across the country. The café features a carnival theme with elements that exude fun and all things happy. SMAAASH is a gaming centre for those who don’t know, that has recently opened at DLF Mall of India, in Noida. This is their second property in the NCR, the first one being at Cyber Hub in Gurugram.

Cherry Picked

The best place to be seated at has to be the bar area that has a scrabble inspired façade, with names of some of the drinks written with scrabble tiles.

Noida Gaming Category:Snacks Carnival burger

Raise A Glass To

Mighty Small doesn’t serve alcohol, but we tried their smoothie called Throw In, made with fresh strawberries, bananas, yogurt, and honey. We also tried their thick shake called Strike, that had peanut butter and chocolate, and they were both very refreshing.

On A Silver Platter

We tried a bunch of items on their menu, but the Loaded Bases Burger won hands down. It has the juiciest mutton patty—seasoned to perfection with dashes of pickle, bacon, melted smoked cheese and garlic butter—served with some fries and spicy slaw. So. Delicious.

Noida Gaming Category:Snacks Carnival burger   Noida Gaming Category:Snacks Carnival burger

Bitter Pill

While the place itself is perfect if you want to grab a bite whilst taking a break between games, it can get quite chilly if you sit anywhere close to the walls. Additionally, while the decor and the theme appeal to people of a younger demographic, the prices are a little steep for the portion sizes that they offer.

Food For Thought

Mighty Small is a carnival themed café that appeals to children, and perfect for adults with a child-like disposition. If you’re someone who misses arcade games at your neighbourhood gaming parlour that has long since shut down, you should definitely go to SMAAASH to check out the variety of entertainment options that they offer, and pause for a meal at Mighty Small while you’re at it.

Explore SMAAASH and Mighty Small here.

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