Check Out These Crazy Cocktail Concoctions In Delhi This Weekend

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The restaurants in Delhi are shaking it up with the weird cocktails that they’re serving up in all sorts of glassware. Try these colourful concoctions the next time you’re out in the town, drinking with your bestie. How about tonight?

Molecule Air Bar

Molecule has been making these amazing gastronomic inventions with all the scientific equipment that you can see in their bar and kitchen. Their drinks not only have quirky names but also live up to the quirkiness with how good they taste.

Definitely try Painter Babu, made with Smirnoff Espresso, Bailey’s, dark chocolate syrup, and Kahlua; and you must not miss Dimaag ki Batti (pineapple juice, Whisky, fresh pineapples, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon), and Paddi Ladki (cinnamon ice strip, jam ice cube, Smirnoff Vodka, cinnamon syrup, apple juice, and sweet and sour syrup).

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Vodka, raw mango, mango, ginger, are all that go into the making of the ever popular Pulserate at Anncensored, Gurgaon. Their loyal patrons also recommend the Bellihaan—rosemary vodka with peach, white wine, and soda, and King Julien that combines gold rum, vanilla syrup, red wine, egg whites, and lime juice.

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Fork You

The Classic Peach and Clove Caprioska is amazing. It has a subtle peach base complemented by the bitter-sweet clove. The Orange Marmalade and Cinnamon Daiquiri is equally amazing, a change from the usual apple-cinnamon combo. The highlight here is the Tangy Tango Margarita with Kokum and Cumin which is an unusual blend of tangy-tart kokum and earthy roasted cumin.

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weekend plans gurgaon delhi ncr cocktail alcohol

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When we’re talking about innovative cocktails, how can we not mention the Acharoska at Social? Made with an in-house made lime pickle, Smirnoff, fresh mint, lots of ice and a wedge of lemon and served to you in a pickle jar, Acharoska is something you should try if you’re fond of pickle flavoured food. Also, try their Hot Shoddy which is a yummy mix of Brandy, honey, fresh cinnamon, cloves, and slices of oranges and apples; and US Mule, a mix of smoked gin, green apple, and earl grey tea.

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Birdie Num Num

From banana leaf-infused vodka, to white rum infused with popcorn, and an array of flavours that seem so different and go so well together, this is one place that you must go to for their wacky take on drinks. Don’t miss Liquid Bread—a blend of bourbon, in-house toasted bread syrup and ginger; and The Magic Egg; a signature cocktail with whisky, roasted almonds, banana syrup, lime and egg, and presented so beautifully!

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Born In The USA, a whisky based concoction infused with apple, cinnamon, and popcorn, and Out Of Your Shell From India, a sweet, potent cocktail made with rum, bubble-gum, jamun, and Rooh-afza, are sure to flip everything you knew about cocktails on its head.

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weekend plans gurgaon delhi ncr cocktail alcohol   weekend plans gurgaon delhi ncr cocktail alcohol

Photo Courtesy Of: Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Soda Bottle Opener Wala

One of the reasons why anyone should go to Soda Bottle is that the Irani-Parsi theme extends even to their drinks. You need to try their Raspberry Beer for it is all things divine. The Sol Of Colaba combines vodka with kokum, and it’s easy to get drunk just sipping on these. Also try the Nescafé Martini, and the Brandied Bawi (made with brandy and a raspberry sour mix).

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Lutyen’s Café

One can easily finish off many glasses of Perfume, a mix of peach sorbet, rose wine, and cardamom. You should not miss the deliciousness that is Apple Cigar—a concoction of whisky, smoked candy, apple juice, and clove bitter. They’re both drinks that can quickly get you tipsy without you realising it!

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HotMess has some very colourful, interesting ‘Aphrodisiac Cocktails’ to offer. Maybe try the Oragnoponicus (rum, watermelon, elderflower, basil, and lime) and Strawberry and Chocolate Rum Sour (white rum, homemade strawberry cordial, lime, sugar egg white, and chocolate shavings) the next time you’re there? They’re sure to make you fall in love with them.

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Monkey Bar

These cocktails with a desi take are sure to liven up your weekends. Try the Incredible Sulk, a potion made with rum, kala khatta, lime, and soda; Mangaa, a boozy version of the classic Aam Panna, or GT & Karnal, made with gin, cucumber, fennel, and tonic.

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