Kingfisher Buzz Brings The War To Breezer With A Berry & Lychee Drink

These Two Breezer-y Kingfisher Summer Cocktail Bottles Will Quench Your Booze-Lust

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Kingfisher has brought out two new flavoured beers called Kingfisher Buzz. They truly are proving to be the ‘King of Good Times’!

First Things First

Currently, Kingfisher Buzz only has two flavours—berry and lychee, and plan to bring out many more in  the near future. The Buzz Lychee has the refreshing exotic flavour of lychees with a lingering aftertaste, and the Buzz Berry has a clean, crisp, tropical berry taste with deliciously sweet and tangy fruity notes.

It has only 5% alcohol, and will be available across retail shops, pubs, and popular bars and restaurants in the cities of Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Goa, Bangalore. The prices of the bottles vary from place to place. In Delhi, it is priced at INR 95; while in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and Bangalore it is priced at INR 100, and in Goa at INR 80.

Explore Kingfisher Buzz here.

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