12 Places For Mutton Kebabs & Mutton Biryani In Delhi For Meat Lovers

12 Mutton Delicacies In Delhi That Every Meat Lover Should Have On Their Bucket List

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Now that the Navratras are coming, and you’ve to force-feed yourselves all the mutton biryani in Delhi to finish them off; it’s time for you to breathe and binge on all the gorgeous mutton dishes that Delhi has to offer. Here’s our list of fave places, apart from the ever popular Karim’s, for you to explore.

1. Ashok Meat Shop

This place is open only from 12 pm to 3 pm, but their Mutton Curry is so good and so famous, that their stocks are over within an hour of opening. So, if you’re ready to brave the crowd waiting for this place to open, you should definitely go there. It’s definitely worth the wait.

Head to 5820/42, Subhash Chowk, Sadar Thana Road, Near Sadar Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Say hello at +91 9210839917, +91 9650176917

Pay INR 650 for two people (approx.)

Explore https://www.facebook.com/ashokandashokmeatdhaba/?fref=ts

2. Nazeer Delicacies

north Indian non vegetarian mutton iconic Category:Meats

Photo Courtesy Of: Nazeer’s

You need to go here for their amazing Mutton Qorma, best had with Sheermal/Laal Roti. They also make a great Nahari, but it is available only on Saturdays. They’re located at different places in the city, so they’re pretty accessible too.

Explore them here.

3. Al Jawahar

Their Nihari is to die for, and you can get it only if you can reach there before 12 in the afternoon. Their Badam Pasanda is so good, your mind will be blown once you’ve licked off every bit of it from your plate and fingers. Even their regular Mutton Qorma is pretty damn good. You have to eat it to believe it.

Explore them here.

4. Nizam’s Kathi Kabab

north Indian non vegetarian mutton iconic Category:Meats   north Indian non vegetarian mutton iconic Category:Meats

Photo Courtesy Of: Nizam’s

Nizam’s is known for their humongous Mutton Rolls that you can’t finish in one go if you don’t have a huge appetite. The juicy meat makes you want to take your time savouring every single bite.

Explore them here.

5. Ghalib Kabab Corner

Everything at Ghalib’s comes highly recommended, but you need to try their Mutton Seekh Kebabs. So soft and juicy, you’re instantly transported to an ambiance where Qawwali singers serenade you with their tunes. They have limited seating but the food is worth the wait.

Drop in at Shop 57, Ghalib Road, Near Lal Mahal, Nizamuddin

6. Aap Ki Khatir

One bite and the Kakori Kebabs instantly melt in your mouth like butter. Their Mutton Qorma is also pretty great, and you should get these with their Shahi Paratha. Truly makes for a great meal.

Address: 1, C-Block, DDA Market, SDA

north Indian non vegetarian mutton iconic Category:Meats   north Indian non vegetarian mutton iconic Category:Meats   north Indian non vegetarian mutton iconic Category:Meats

Photo Courtesy Of: NA.dir via VisualHunt

7. Anand Restaurant

Anand is hidden away in the bylanes of Connaught Place but is usually quite crowded. They’re pretty well known for their biryanis, and you must go there for their Mutton Biryani that they serve with a little gravy. Though a little too spicy, it is very delicious and super easy on your pocket .

Address: 15/96, Scindia House, Connaught Place

8. Al Kauser Al Kakori

Al Kauser is one of the most popular places for Mutton Tikkas, Galouti Kebabs, and Mutton Kakori Kebabs in Delhi. We’ve been told that their Mutton Dum Biryani is worth looking out for too! *slurp*

Explore them here.

9. Ashirbad Snacks Corner

Located in Market No. 3 in CR Park, Aashirwad is a well-known destination for their juicy, delicious Mutton Chops that come at an extremely low price. While you’re in CR Park, you should also go to Market No. 1 for some delicious mutton cutlets that you can find at any of the stalls there.

Explore them here.

10. The Delhi Canteen

You need to ring up The Delhi Canteen for it’s scrumptious Mutton Belliram and Mutton Nihari. If you’ve been craving for some spicier preparations, you should go there just for their Laal Maas ki Handi. So good, that you’ll be dreaming of it for days after.

Explore them here.

11. Andhra Bhavan Canteen

One does not simply list down places for great mutton dishes, and not mention Andhra Bhavan’s Mutton Fry. If you’ve ever known anyone who’s been there, you will be told about the long queue that you have to stand in, just to get in. Now you know why.

Explore them here.

12. Afghan Darbar

Located in Lajpat Nagar, this hidden gem of a place is run by a couple from Afghanistan. The Mutton Chopan Kebab and Mantu (steamed dumplings made with chopped mutton and topped with yogurt and dal sauce) come highly recommended. The other great thing about this place is that the prices aren’t too high, and the portions are generous.

Drop in at E-96, Lajpat Nagar II

Featured Image Courtesy Of: n0r via Visual Hunt

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