Drunk Nights + Ladies Nights + Karaoke Night At This 3-In-One Party That’s About To Hit The Town!

Come one come all to the karaoke nights at TC Green Park! Our age old Turquoise Cottage never fails to surprise us with new deals and cuisines. From groovy music to amazing deals, Cafe TC has it all! This time they are coming with Karaoke + Ladies night to fill your Wednesday with music, beer and tasty dishes. Get your lady friends and watch them as they slur over the lyrics of every song! After the drinks are on the house, for women only.

Karaoke Nights At TC Green Park

The cafe offers an ambience for chilling and chit chatting. While weekends are definitely fun, they also give you a little incentive if you drop in on the weekdays. Their Wednesday Beer Crate deals are a steal deal. You get 12 bottles of Kingfisher @ Rs 1199 and 12 bottles of Bira @ Rs 1999! Here’s your chance to unleash the drunkard in you and make the most of these stupendous offers!

Spice Up Your Palate

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There is more. So Cafe TC have two mean meat preparations that you must must try. The South Indian Gunpowder Mutton is food paradise for spicy mutton lovers and for people who prefer chicken over red meat, there is Chicken Ghee Roast and it’s divine. These are classic preparations of Indian cuisines with a touch of TC’s own secret ingredient to make you savour it more!

Head to A-5, 2nd Floor, Above Hyundai Showroom, Green Park, New Delhi

Say hello at +91 9599280960

Pay INR 1200 for two (approx.)

Explore Turquoise Cottage 

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

This article is in partnership with Cafe TC. #Sponsored 
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