Instagram Trend // Donut Cones Are Taking Over Our Dessert Plates

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Donuts and ice cream, it honestly can’t get better than this! Our search for this delicacy in Delhi hasn’t come to fruition yet, but until we find these donut cones, gorge on some amazing pictures we found from around the world!

A cone so perfect!

Matching! #samesies

Is this real?

Death by 🍦

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What sorcery is this!?

First 30th sweet gift 4 my bday boy 💫🍬💕 #donutcone #chocolate #bday

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Oh, the swirl on that ice cream!

Love at first sight!

🍦🍪👯 . 📷@xiaoeats #ogchimneys

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It’s a competition! CN Tower or donut cone?

Thank you Toronto! We've WON BEST FOOD TRUCK in the @nowtoronto Readers' Choice Awards! . 📷 @alexandrabooze1 #ogchimneys

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Winters and donut cone, such beauty in one picture.

Sprinkles are #Love!

We'll keep makin' em, if you keep eatin' em!! Donut cones are ready right now at CTC!!

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Pretzel, hazelnuts, ice-cream, donuts, caramel; we need to sit down.

Okay, we are done.

Wait, that’s a donut ice cream!

We are thinking how to eat this? #Overloaded

Just for fun!

Getting ready for a crowd?

I think we've got this thing pretty much dialed in…see y'all at 4 PM today 🍩🍦👌💯

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Bring on the swirl!

A mountain of refreshing ice cream up the summit of Tannourine. #tannourinerush #soukelakel @pinkbeirut #donutcone

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Oopsie, got too much!

We need these!

Got to head to Chimey right now! See you later!

Okay, that’s it! We are booking our tickets now!

📍Scape [ Cinnamon sugar + nutella & chocolate ice cream ] Love the combination. Cheers to Friday #tgif #chimneysg #sgdessert #sgfoodsteps

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