These 19 Loaded Cheesy Fries Are Making Us Drool For Some Gooey Fries In The Capital

Fri May 19 2017 | 146 Views

A big bowl of loaded cheesy fries and our beds make our lives easy peasy. So, here we are running through what everyone else has been boasting about on Instagram. And the best part is, Potet, Delhi’s fries-only place may serve some of these cheesy fries in Delhi as well! Check out some other fries places in Delhi here.

1. Lobster Fries! You Gotta Be kidding!

2. Lobster Level: Expert

3. Bacon, Cheddar and Sour Cream, Is Serious Business

4. Loving these Chilli Cheesy Fries to the core!

5. Spice Alert!

6. We need these Chilli Cheese Fries!

7. Brie-lliant Fries

8. Sky Full Of Stars; Burgers Full Of Fries

Two burgers always calls for a side of fries!! #DEVOURPOWER πŸ“·: @foodwithmichel πŸ“: @ocburgermonster

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9. Fry Junkies, Unite With Fried Chicken & Fries

10. Now That’s Called Loaded

11. We hope Potet serves these!

12. Did They Just Add Ice Cream To Fries?!

13. Hell Yeah!

@anewaesthetic just gets me #icecreamfries

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14. Fine, Count Us In!

15. Doggo Knows What’s Up

16. Pork Gravy Fries. WUT

17. Cheesy & Crinkle Cut? Winsome Cheesy Fries In Delhi

18. Salivary Glands Working Overtime, Amirite?

19. Mo The Merrier

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